Selling your home? - Think Property – Move Right:

Buying a home also means having to sell a home for everyone except first time buyers. For many the dilemma is whether to sell their own home first, or find the property they want to move in to - the trick is to multi task and do both at the same time. Unless homeowners put their own house on the market it is unlikely sellers will take them seriously. This is why it is so important to be confident and sure of what you are looking for.

As soon as your own home is on the market you want to find the perfect one to move into quickly and being clear in your own mind will help narrow down the search. But how do you make sure your own house sells easily? Imagine the in-laws are coming to stay and you want the house to look its best. Have a spring clean and get rid of clutter. Get some air through the house and make sure it smells and looks fresh. A coat of paint, a new rug and some fresh flowers work wonders and they don’t cost the earth.

It’s all about making a bit of effort and letting prospective buyers feel they could move straight in without any problems or worries. It’s about putting people’s minds at rest that the house has been looked after and is in great shape for their arrival.

Move Angels’ Quick summary

  • Buying, more often than not, means having to sell. Be as focused on selling your own house as you are about buying the new one.
  • A little money can go a long way. Be prepared to spend on your home and give it the fresh feel that will help it fly off the market.