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Every day our site churns out thousands of homebuyer leads to estate agents across the UK, and it doesn't cost a penny to receive them! In return we ask for one thing - a link back to our site.

Linking to us is simple - contact your web site developer and get them to look at this page. They then follow the instructions and can have a link to us within minutes.

You can link to us however you wish, and to whichever page you wish, but to make your life easier we have a few suggestons for you.

Home Page Link

The most simple link is a text link directly to our home page:
Contact all estate agents in one go!

Specific Area Page Link

If your estate agency only has one branch, or if you would like to add links from several individual branch pages, then you may want to link directly to the specific are page on our site. For example a Bromley estate agent might like to use the following link:
Contact all estate agents in Bromley in one go!

To find the URL for the page to link to, please do a search from the home page.

Button Link

Contact all estate agents in one go - save time, money and hassle! Another option is to use our button image to link to our site. We prefer if you would leave the 'src=' for the 'img' tag pointing to our server, but we do not mind if you decide otherwise. The URL for the button is: You can link the button to either the home page or any other page on our site.