Making an offer on a property - Think Property – Move Right:

Getting the offer right often means the difference between getting the house you want and missing out. Don’t make the offer direct to the seller, but go through your agent who’ll make sure you have everything in place to go ahead and may also be able to advise on the amount to bid and what he feels the homeowner is looking for.

Don’t forget that there will be bills to pay on top of the offer you make for the house. It’s important to make sure these costs are in your budget. Sellers will have to pay an estate agency fee, which is likely to be around 1.5% of the sale price. Then there’ll be removal and legal costs as well as Stamp Duty, surveyors’ fees, mortgage fees and buildings insurance. Many of these can be included into the mortgage or paid for as part of a deal, but it is important to know exactly what you’ll be liable for and how you will pay for it. Your mortgage adviser will talk you through exactly what’s involved.

Move Angels’ Quick summary

List of potential costs:

  • For buyers:
    Holding deposit (not always necessary)
    Legal fees
    Stamp duty (if over £60,000)
    Full deposit
    Surveyor's fees
    Local authority search fees
    Removal and insurance costs
    Mortgage set up charges
    Buildings insurance
  • For sellers:
    Legal fees
    Estate Agents fees
    Removal costs