Receiving your mortgage offer - Think Property – Move Right:

Once your mortgage lender is happy everything is in place, it will make a formal offer for the funds you need. It’s always funny how happy people get when the mortgage offer appears and even the thought of being saddled with a huge sum of debt doesn’t take away from the excitement of a new home. Solicitors will make sure all of the appropriate paperwork is in place and any stipulations set by the lender are met. Maybe repairs on the property have to be done before the money will be released or alterations are needed to the title deeds.

This is where the solicitor will come into their own. It’s their responsibility to make sure all of the terms of the sale are appropriately met and that at the right time funds are passed from one party to the other along with ownership of the property. An official search is carried out with the local authority for anything that may impact on your property’s value and plans are filed with the Land Registry to record the details of the house and its new ownership. Contracts, monies and keys are all exchanged - congratulations on your new home.

Move Angels’ Quick summary

  • Don’t be blinded by the excitement of a new home. Have you investigated how to protect the financial commitment you are making and thought of protection insurances?
  • Trying to get various parties to agree, sign and accept the numerous contracts does take time. Expect there to be delays and hiccups, but make sure your solicitor keeps you up to date with how things are going and what the next step is.