Italian design and quality in the home

Fri 6th Jul, 11:00:00 BST

Two terms that go hand in hand together, Italian design and high quality can both appear in your home if you know what you're doing.

No matter where you are, the quality and excellent design work that is associated with Italy is always appreciated. Even as far as New York, the fashion and style of Italy and its various designers is constantly making head way – with the New York Times recently reporting on how Italian designers have left their mark on global graphic design.

Understanding Italian design

Italian design has always been about two factors; looking good and working well. This is an approach seen most in the fashion world where Italian clothes look amazing whilst being both comfortable and practical. Utilising the best materials and craftsmanship Italian design has long been synonymous with quality.

It’s not about cutting corners; it’s about having the best of everything and being proud of it. Both a philosophy and a way of life one only has to look at various Italian car manufacturers such as Ferrari to see trademark Italian ethics applied in full force.

Italian furniture

To this end, you should utilise Italian furniture in your home to create a modern and fashionable look without sacrificing anything. The likes of Natuzzi sofas and chairs, for instance, create a strong and proud statement that reflects the key ethos of Italian design.

Furthermore, it should be noted these pieces of furniture make excellent use of leather, combining it with modern curves and shapes to create various pieces of artistic, yet practical, seating. No matter the living room, an Italian leather couch will always make itself known, so it’s best to give it centre-stage and build the room around the sofa.


Likewise, there is plenty of choice regarding colours. The leather found in Italian furniture comes in various shades and colours, making it a very flexible and customisable choice.

Furthermore, you can go contemporary or modern in terms of style. In a contemporary room, you can keep colours neutral, with pale colours and darker neutral shades, such as brown. This complements a traditional brown sofa, creating a homely atmosphere that meets all the modern standards.

On the other hand, you can embrace the modernity of Italian design and go hyper-modern in style, creating an elegant contrast between dark and light colours. Utilising dark sofas and contrasting them against a lighter carpet or wooden floor creates definition and breaks the room up where the colours meet.

Finishing touches

To finish any room, you can look at various forms of Italian art. Whether its photography, or minimalism, there is an art style to suit every room.

Overall, it is not hard to achieve an effective and fashionable Italian atmosphere within your home and with a few Italian pieces, and a colour choice to match; you can enjoy the comforts and quality of an Italian living room. Applying this style to the rest of the house can also improve the aesthetics and atmosphere throughout the building, making it more comfortable and attractive to live in.

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