Reception Desks at Margolis

Fri 14th Dec, 13:00:00 GMT

Reception Desks at Margolis

Reception areas play a critical role in many businesses. The reception is the public face of many businesses, so it is important that the reception furniture sets the right impression. The reception may be the only areas your customers and clients get to see, and while it is important to have a professional, friendly and helpful person behind the reception desk, it also important to have a reception area that is just as welcoming.

Reception areas not only need to portray a positive, professional image that makes a good first impression, but also they need to be in keeping with the aesthetic of the business. This means that reception areas often need to fit in with the general decor and status of a company. At Margolis Furniture, there is a huge range of reception desks and other reception furniture, designed to ensure no matter what the type of business, you can find the right reception furniture to provide the best first impression possible.

Reception Counters

The most prominent aspect of any reception, whether it is an office, hotel or even a school, is the reception desk or counter. Reception desks serve multiple purposes. On a practical side, they are the workstation for the receptionist, so are often required to house a computer and telephone. However, on a more aesthetic note, the reception desk is the greeting area for your business so should reflect the image and gravitas of a company.

At Margolis Furniture, you’ll find a huge selection of reception desks and counters that will provide the right first impression for a wide range of businesses. However, no two businesses are the same, which is why Margolis Furniture also has a large number of bespoke reception counter solutions, modular systems and entire reception areas that can be tailored for individual businesses.

Furthermore, because Margolis Furniture has been supplying reception desks and office furniture to businesses in the UK for over a hundred years, they have unrivalled experience and are experts when it comes to finding the right reception solution for a business. With a massive range of styles, size, shapes and designs of reception desk to choose from, Margolis Furniture’s helpful, friendly staff are at hand to help you. Whether you are a modern, contemporary media business, or a more traditional, well-established firm, you can find the right reception desk at Margolis Furniture.

Reception Furniture

The reception desk is not the only item of furniture needed in most receptions. Seating and tables are also important, especially if people are expected to wait in the reception area for appointments. All reception furniture needs to be in keeping with the image a business wants to portray, which is why Margolis Furniture has a huge range of waiting room seats, sofas, coffee tables and other reception furniture, designed to provide the right image for your clients. From the modern and contemporary, to design classics and even antique reproductions that provide both comfort and style, all businesses can find the right furniture befitting their company image at Margolis Furniture.


Margolis Furniture provides delivery and installation throughout the UK. Furthermore, with their five-year guarantee and price promise, you can rest assured you’ll be getting good quality and an excellent deal on any reception furniture. With free space planning, free consultancy and free site surveys also available, you can get the expert advice needed to help you plan your reception area and make sure it represents a positive first impression for your business. As all reception desks and furniture items are kept in stock, you can also visit Margolis Furniture’s Central London showroom and see their reception range for yourself.


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