Gambling tycoon builds $100m bitcoin-funded Antiguan resort

Wed 28th Feb 2018

Bitcoin and Gambling Multi-Millionaire Plans to Build $100 Million Five Star Resort with Bitcoin Profit

How would you like to be called “His Excellency” by the people from a whole group of islands?

That’s exactly the title given to the bitcoin and gambling multi-millionaire Calvin Ayre by Antigua and Barbuda. You must be wondering what made the people give him such respect and dignity! So here is the cause-

Ayre is building a $100 million five star tourist resort in Antigua funded completely from the profits of bitcoin- the cryptocurrency that has taken the world by storm. He has been an early investor in bitcoin and has earned enough profits to fund a whole new resort.

This is not the first time Ayre hit the news. He had been on the run from US authorities for around 10 years which ended him pleading guilty to a federal charge in 2017.

His main cause of fame revolves around the name Bodog which is one of the leading names in online gambling entertainment industry. Ayre took on the resolve to create Bodog after a scandal related to share trading prevented him from taking up the position of a director in a public organization during the 1990s.

His Bodog earned him immense fame and money coupled with his investments in bitcoin. Fueled by the image of Bodog, Ayre also started judging lingerie shows on television during the Super Bowl. Play Boy also dedicated a 6 page profile to him and Ayre ended up buying around 3,000 copies of the magazine.

He was once again featured in the news and got himself in the bad books of the US authorities after Forbes published him on the front cover mentioning him conducting illegal bets on the internet. But the charges against Ayre and other persons were dropped last year.

Ne new resort coming up in Antigua will also accept bitcoin cash. The facility is targeted at rich tourists who want to have fun while on wellbeing vacations. The people of the islands will also be able to access the resort if they can afford it!

Tourists will be able to pay with bitcoin cash when they make online reservations or at counters at the resort. The local prime minister, Gaston Browne expects the facility to boost the tourism industry of the region and welcome a new class of tourist to the islands.

Ayre had also made several other investments in the islands after becoming the economic envoy of Antigua and Barbuda.

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