Exchanging contracts and setting the move date - Think Property – Move Right:

So finally everyone is happy, the paperwork is ready and contracts can be exchanged. Once contracts have changed hands there is a legal obligation to buy the property and your solicitor will make sure this only happens once you are completely ready. At the same time as contracts are swapped, your deposit will also be passed over.

The sale may not be completed for a number of weeks or months. The owner may wish a little time in the property until they have finalised their own move away and you as the buyer may still need to sell your existing house. However if things run past the agreed date of entry, financial and legal penalties will come into play.

A house is normally the single biggest purchase we make and yet many people refuse to insure it over and above the mandatory buildings cover. Do you have plans in place to pay the mortgage should you lose your job or become sick? Are you married? If so what life insurance is in place to pay off the mortgage should the worst happen? Prevention is always better than cure.

There are a lot of people involved in a move from estate agents and solicitors to surveyors, removal companies and financial advisers. Always try to go with people that have been personally recommended and if not make sure they are members of national bodies such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, The British Association of Removers or the voluntary Ombudsmen of Estate Agents scheme. If there are problems do not be afraid to pick up the phone to Citizens’ Advice for help and guidance.

Move Angels’ Quick summary

  • Really consider how you might pay the mortgage if your financial situation suddenly changed. It might happen to you even if you don’t think so and if you haven’t made plans it will be your family that suffers.
  • Work where possible with recommended firms and where things go wrong do not be slow in seeking help from watchdogs such as Citizens’ Advice or complaining to representative bodies and the relevant Ombudsmen.