Finding a good solicitor & the legal bits - Think Property – Move Right:

Never forget that a mortgage is a contract through which you agree to borrow a very large amount of money and which has set terms that must be honoured. In the excitement of buying a house it’s easy to lose sight of this, but solicitors have an important role to play in making sure all the documentation is in place, the terms and conditions are correct and that the transaction progresses in a smooth and timely fashion. For sellers, a solicitor will tie up the terms surrounding the outstanding mortgage and make sure all deeds and Land Registry Certificates are made available along with the contract of sale. For buyers, solicitors will check through the contract being signed, ensure buildings insurance is in place and liase with the mortgage lender providing the finance for the purchase.

Given the amounts involved and the nature of the purchase getting it right is essential and ensuring the records of purchase and sale are correct is imperative. In many instances your mortgage provider will be able to put you in touch with a solicitor and in some instances will insist you use a firm they have an existing relationship with. They will talk you through the process and again buyers and sellers must take time to ask exactly what to expect and understand what will be required of them, the documentation they will need and the part their solicitor will play in bringing everything together.

Move Angels’ Quick summary

  • Buying and selling property is a big deal and making sure the records are correct and both parties are protected is essential.
  • Take the chance to talk through the process with your solicitor so you are clear with what is expected, how quickly it will happen and when you can expect to resolve outstanding matters.